The Readiness for Pharmacy Practice in Canada Self-Assessment and the Pharmacy Practice Skills and Knowledge Self-Assessment tools will only be available at a later date.


These Self-Assessment tools are NOT part of the formal process to obtain a licence in Canada. They are however, highly recommended to help you become better informed about the Canadian licensing process and to make sure you have accurate expectations about the length of time, costs and the skills and knowledge required to become a licensed pharmacist in Canada.

These tools were developed solely for personal use. Responses will not be shared with any other person or organization.

When they become available, the fees for the tools will be:
Readiness Self-Assessment tool - $95 CAD
Pharmacy Practice Skills and Knowledge Self-Assessment tool - $145 CAD

Please check back with us soon!

In the meantime, should you have any questions about the Self-Assessment tools, NAPRA’s Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada for International pharmacy graduates, or about the Canadian licensure process, please contact us by email at: or by phone at 613-569-9800. Or, if you haven’t already done so, please review the “What you need to know” section of this website for more information.