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This Readiness for Pharmacy Practice in Canada Self-assessment Tool will help you gain a basic awareness of the Canadian healthcare system and the practice of pharmacy in Canada. It will also explain each of the specific steps that you must complete to obtain a licence to practise.

This Readiness Self-assessment is not part of the formal process to obtain a licence in Canada, but is intended to help you become better informed about the Canadian licensing procedures and to make sure you have accurate expectations about the duration, costs, skills and knowledge required to become a licensed pharmacist in Canada.

This tool was developed solely for your personal use. Your responses are not shared with any other person or organization.

The fee for the tool is Can$95 + tax, if applicable. Please note that the fee is not refundable. Exceptions may be made, subject to an administration fee. Email gatewayinfo@napra.ca or call 613-569-9800 for more information.

You will have access to this self-assessment tool for one year from the purchase date.


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